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Hacking Bluetooth

This section of Hackers-Arise is dedicated to hacking the Bluetooth protocol. Bluetooth is the pico-net that extends at least 10m around our devices and enables us to connect headsets, speakers and other devices to our mobile devices. If one can hack the Bluetooth protocol, you can potentially steal sensitive information and contacts, intercept phone messages, send unwanted messages, etc.

To get started with Hacking Bluetooth, check out these articles.

1. Getting Started with Bluetooth Hacking

2. Bluetooth Reconnaissance

3. Using the BlueBourne Exploit to Hack Nearly  any Bluetooth Enabled Device

4. Using MultiBlue to Control Bluetooth Mobile Devices

5. Hacking Bluetooth with Software Defined Radio (SDR) (Coming Soon)

For more on Bluetooth Hacking, see Master OTW with
David Bombal here on Youtube
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