"Getting Started Becoming a Master Hacker"

People are Raving About It!

Following the resounding success of "Linux Basic for Hackers", Master OTW announces his next book, "Getting Started Becoming a Master Hacker".


If you liked "Linux Basics for Hackers" (#1 Linux book on Amazon), you will LOVE this one!

This book is meant to be a follow-up and companion to  "Linux Basics for Hackers" by building upon the knowledge base established there to develop some hacking skills towards becoming a Master Hacker.


This is a unique book as it will not only teach the technical aspects of hacking, but also guide the reader toward a career in this exciting field.


It is the first book to cover Kali 2019 and Metasploit 5!

For a Limited Time, you can buy the PDF version of "Getting Started Becoming a Master Hacker" for just $17.99!

To order the printed book from Amazon, click here.

This is likely to become another classic bestseller from Master OTW!

Table of Contents (Tentative)

1. Why Hacking

2. Essential Skills of the Master Hacker

3. The Hacking Process

4. Lab Set Up

5. Passive Recon

6. Active Recon

7.Finding Vulnerabilities

8. Password Cracking

9. Wireshark for Protocol Analysis

10. Exploitation 

11. Wireless Hacking

12. Maintaining Access and Shellcode

13. Post Exploitation (Pivoting, Web Cams, etc.)

15. Covering Your Tracks

16. Malicious Python 

17. Social Engineering