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Cyberwarrior Bundle

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If you have mastered the Cybersecurity Starter Bundle at Hackers-Arise, then this is the next stage in your development!

This bundle includes over $1200 in books and videos including Master OTW's recent best seller, Network Basics for Hackers!

This bundle includes the following;

1. Metasploit Basics for Hackers videos ($99)

2. Metasploit Basics for Hackers book (PDF)

3. Network Basics for Hackers book (PDF)

4.CISSP Prep training videos ($199)

5. Cyber Law for Cyberwarriors videos ($299)

6. Wireshark for Cybersecurity videos ($79)

7. Network Forensics videos ($199)

8. Cryptography Basics for Hackers videos ($49)

9. Linux Firewalls videos ($199)

This bundle will take the aspiring cyberwarrior to the next level!

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