Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

The Internet has become the largest repository of data in the history of humankind!

If one knows how to find, identify and use this data, it can be invaluable to forensic investigations, the reconnaissance phase of hacking and predicting critical events.  


In this section, we will explore a number of techniques and tools for gathering this data, as well as a few for analyzing it.

1. Maltego for People Reconnaissance

2. Maltego for Domain Reconnaissance

3. Google Hacks

4. Identifying the Target's AV by Querying DNS

5. Shodan, the World's Most Dangerous Search Engine

6. Shodan does SCADA/ICS

7. Harvester(email)

8. Public Data (coming soon)

9. Mining Twitter with Twint

10. sqlite (coming soon)

11. Mining Data on Facebook (coming soon)

12. FOCA for metadata

13. recon-ng (Identifying the same profile across multiple sites)

14. Extracting Employee Names from LinkedIn (crosslinked)


15. Google Hacking of Unsecured Web Cams


16. metagoofil for metadata

17. Spiderfoot for comprehensive OSINT data gathering

18. Reverse-Image Searches

19. Using Censys for Real-time Security Data Gathering

20. Gathering Aircraft and Flight Data with Radarbox