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Password Cracking

Password cracking is a fundamental hacking and digital forensics skill. Nearly every system is authenticated by the traditional username and password and even if two factor authentication is used, one is usually a password.

Cracking passwords can take many forms. See my article of password cracking strategies before you embark upon password cracking. It will likely save you significant amounts of time.

1. Password Cracking Strategies

2. Cracking Online Passwords with THC-Hydra and Burp Suite

3. Cracking Passwords Off-Line with hashcat

4. Creating a Custom Wordlist with crunch

5. Web Form Authentication Cracking with BurpSuite

6. Creating a Domain Specific Wordlist with ceWL

7. How Elliot of Mr. Robot cracks Everyone's Password

8. Using pipal to Determine Common Password Patterns

For Wireless (Wi-Fi) Password Cracking, check out my Wi-Fi Hacking series.

Also, check out how to use mimikatz to capture passwords in my Metasploit series and my Mr. Robot series.

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