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Mr. Robot Returns!

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

Mr. Robot Returns October 11!

As most of you know, Mr. Robot is my favorite TV show. The storyline is familiar to most of us in the White Hat Hacker community. Elliot is an asocial, cyber-security engineer by day and a white hat, vigilante hacker by night. He is enticed by the black hat/social reform organization, f/society, to help them hack the world's largest and most evil corporation, appropriately named, Evil Corporation. This is the same corporation that Elliot is paid to protect.

Their goal is to wipe out all the world's debt-especially student debt-held by Evil Corporation that is enslaving the middle- and lower-classes. Elliot signs up for the task and along the way must break his morphine habit, fall in love with his drug dealer, break a despicable character out of jail, expose his therapist's lover as a fraud, among many other things. All along, he is hacking everyone and everything using realistic techniques and tools. So, although I really like the characters and the story line, the realistic hacking makes me fall in love with this show.

During the first and second season, I demonstrated how Elliot did many of his hacks on the show, most of which were realistic (with an exception or two). I intend to do the same in season 3, so make Hackers-Arise THE place to come to for all the Mr. Robot hacks!

If you want to learn to the skills to become an elite hacker like Elliot, we have the courses for you!

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