What is a White Hat Hacker?

Hackers Arise, like Null Byte before it, is a white hat hacker training site. This means that we use our skills for good. Obviously, this means things like penetration testing and cyber-security. That is the textbook definition of a white hat hacker and one you will see on many hacking exams (but not on the CWA, CWE, or CWP).

Rather than be confined by the textbook definition, I prefer to expand the definition of a white hat hacker. Having hacking skills is similar to having a superpower, you have responsibilities and risks that go with it.

If your nation's government is authoritarian and censoring material over the Internet, I see it as incumbent upon the white hat hacker--with our hacking superpowers-- to help to keep the Internet free and open. When governments feel threatened by their own people, they often shut down Internet access and communication of its people. In such a case, a white hat hacker can help to keep communication free and open. If a nation's government is illegally or unethically spying on its own people, then it is the responsibility of the white hat hacker to help those people maintain their privacy.

The white hat hacker is not ONLY a pentester/cybersecurity professional. The white hat hacker is also a beacon and warrior for information freedom and human rights on the Internet.

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