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Hackers for Hire!

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

At Hackers Arise!, we are offering a new service called "Hackers for Hire". Companies, institutions and individuals who need the assistance of a well-trained and certified hacker can come here and we will find you the right hacker for the job.

With members of our community from every nation on the face of the earth, we can assign someone local to nearly every job.

Hackers are available for hire to;

(1) digital forensic analysis to determine who and how they hacked you;

(2) determine if you are being digitally stalked;

(3) find the source of cyber harassment and bullying;

(4) private investigations;

(5) network vulnerability testing;

(6) penetration testing;

(7) web site vulnerability and penetration testing;

(8) finding "lost" people;

(9) finding background information about an individual;

(10) recommending information security measures;

(11) firewall and IDS testing;

(12) and nearly any information security related task.

If you are interested in hiring a trained and certified hacker,

please fill out the request form here.

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