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Hackers-Arise Gets International Recognition for Exploiting SCADA System Vulnerability

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

October 25, 2016, Voice of America (VOA) News ( ran an article about the vulnerability of SCADA/ICS systems. In that article in the second paragraph titled "Headline Grabbers", it cited:

Because of the potential for catastrophic damage, some hackers have long targeted ICS networks in hopes of grabbing headlines. Just last month, an anonymous hacker detailed a successful hack of a Schneider Electric system that controls building heating and cooling systems.

The loyal readers of will recognize that the "anonymous hacker" was OTW. Last month,OTW was the FIRST to demonstrate the vulnerability of these SCADA systems from Schneider Electric in his article "SCADA Hacking: Hacking the Schneider Electric Building System".

You can read all of OTW's series on SCADA hacking here

The article goes on to say, that demonstrating this hack on Hackers-Arise led Schneider Electric to issue a patch to these systems. You are VERY welcome, Schneider Electric.

It's nice that the international news media is finally recognizing the important work we do here at Hackers-Arise.

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