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Website Scraping, Part 1: Email Scraping for Hackers

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

As a pentester/hacker, gathering email addresses from potential victims can have a multitude of uses. When we have email addresses of key personnel, we can launch attacks by email to get people to click on a malicious link or direct them to our malicious website where we can send XSS attacks and others browser-based attacks.

In recent years, some of highest profile hacks have been launched via one employee clicking on a link sent by email (RSA, NY Times, etc). In addition, when we have the emails of our potential victims, we might attempt social engineering attacks to gain information, etc. from our potential victims. Whatever form our attack might eventually take, gathering email addresses can be a valuable initial step before launching our attack.

In this tutorial, we will examine a three (3) tools that are useful for scraping websites for available email addresses. One of the lessons of this unit is that we might have multiple tools to do the same task with different effectiveness.

I. goog-mail

One tool that has been around awhile is goog-mail. Goog-mail is a Python script for scraping email address from Google's cached pages from a domain.

To get started with goog-mail, create a directory named goog-mail, then navigate to that directory like in the screenshot below.

kali > mkdir /usr/local/goog-mail

kali > cd /usr/local/goog-mail

Next, use the Linux command wget to download this Python script.


As you can see in the screenshot below, we have successfully downloaded goog-mail and now we must give ourselves permission to execute it.

kali > chmod 755

Now, let's point it this little tool at a hacking training site,, to see whether it can extract any email addresses for us.

kali > goog-mail

As you can see in the screenshot below, it has successfully extracted three (3) email addresses for us from Not bad, but I think we can do better than that. Let's look at some other email harvesting tools to see whether we can do better.

II. Maltego

Maltego is an excellent tool for information gathering from our targets from the web with multiple capabilities. In this lesson, we will use only its email scraping capabilities, but you can learn about using Maltego to gather information on a person here and information on a domain here.

Kali Linux has a free edition of Maltego built in. We can access it by going to;

Applications --> Top 10 Security Tools --> maltego

Maltego will begin to open with a splash screen like that below.

To use the community/free edition of Maltego, you will need to register.

After we register, we can begin to use this powerful tool to gain information about our target

WE need to login and begin our information harvesting. Maltego describes each attempt at gathering information as a "machine". As you can see in the screenshot below, we have numerous choices of what we want Maltego to do.

In this lesson, we will simply be doing the first choice, "Company Stalker" which gathers all the email addresses it can from a particular domain, so select the first radio button. Next, we need to tell Maltego what domain we want to target. In this case, I'm targeting SANS training institute. As many of you know, SANS is a leading information security training firm in the U.S. Let's see whether we can gather any email addresses from their website.

As you can see below, we were able to harvest quite a few email addresses from and we can then display then in the screen below. Pretty good!

When I ran Maltego against our friends here at, I harvested ten (10) email addresses, much better than with goog-mail's three.

III. The Harvester

Kali Linux, for those new to hacking, has a powerful tool built in, named Metasploit. Metasploit is best known as an exploitation framework, but it has a multitude of other capabilities to assist with hacking. In it auxiliary modules, it has numerous information and scanning tools integrated into this wonderful tool. To learn more about Metasploit, check out my Metasploit Basics series here and my Metasploit course here.

Let's start Metasploit by opening a terminal and typing;

kali > msfconsole

When we come to the msf > prompt, type ;

msf > use gather/search_email_collector

Then type the name of the domain you want to collect emails from, in this case we will use

msf >set domain

Finally, type exploit.

msf > exploit

When we do so, this email harvesting tool will begin its work of scraping the domain for any email addresses it can find.

As you can see in the screenshot above, our email collector module searches through Google, then Bing and Yahoo for email addresses within the domain we specified. In this case, it found just five (5) emails there, better than goog-mail, but far fewer than Maltego.

One key lesson here--besides the obvious lesson that information gathering is critical to a successful hack--is that different tools with the same capabilities can have different effectiveness. At least in this short lesson here, Maltego appears to be far more effective at harvesting email addresses than either goog-mail or Metasploit email gathering module. This may not always the case in all domains and circumstances

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