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CWA Prep course videos available for purchase! Now, get a 50% off Voucher for the CWA Exam!

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

So many of you who could not attend the CWA Prep course have asked whether you could purchase class videos that we have now made them available for purchase!

For just $99, you can get almost 20 hours of class videos covering all 14 domains of the CWA exam. Simply follow along as OTW covers all the material on the CWA exam and you are sure to pass the first time you take the exam. For a limited time, you will get a 50% off voucher for the CWA Exam worth $75!

This is the perfect way to get your cyber security career started or boost your existing career. Achieving the CWA shows that you understand how hackers are able to exploit systems, an invaluable skill to employers these days.

Best yet, when you purchase the videos, they belong to you. You can watch them over and over gain at no additional costs until you are ready to take the exam. In addition, you can share them with your friends as there are no DCMA restrictions.

As the videos are very large (20 hours is a lot of video), we can only share them with you via DropBox. Simply sign up for a free DropBox account and we will share these videos with you.

To get your CWA Prep videos, simply fill out the form at this page and submit with your $99. Within hours, you will receive access to our DropBox account and you can copy them to your computer and watch them at your leisure. Within days, you will be ready to earn your CWA certification!

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