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Advanced Hacking and Pentesting (Ransomware), May 18-20

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Ransomware attacks are increasing exponentially and are the greatest threat to our digital systems!

  • There was an average 139% year-over-year increase in ransomware attacks in Q3 of 2020 from Q3 of 2019. All sectors are impacted by ransomware and no industry was spared. For example, successful ransomware attacks on the education sector increased by an astounding 388% in the third quarter of 2020.

Due to the fact that ransomware is running rampant through our systems world over and presently poses the greatest threat to our digital systems, we will be focusing this session of Advanced Hacking and Pentesting exclusively on ransomware.

This course is designed for cybersecurity professionals looking to gain a firm intellectual and practical grasp on the threat of ransomware to their systems and institutions.

Course Outline

1 What is Ransomware

2. Who is at risk?

3. Who are the malicious actors

4. Types of Ransomware

5. Ransomware SCADA/ICS Attacks

6. Anatomy of Ransomware attacks

7. Ransomware Simulation (Build Your Own Ransomware)

8. Reverse Engineering Ransomware (no previous REM necessary)

9. Ransomware Mitigation

10. Ransomware Best Practices

Those completing this live course will receive a certificate indicating successful completion of this course suitable for framing.

To attend this live training, you must be a Subscriber PRO.

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