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The Art of Social Engineering training, April 13-15

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Many novices to cybersecurity underestimate the importance of social engineering. More experienced hands understand that social engineering is probably the greatest threat to our networks. Many of the most significant hacks in history had a social engineering element including;

  1. BlackEnergy3

  2. Target POS

  3. 2016 Presidential Campaign and DCCC email hack

  4. RSA

  5. NY Times

  6. SONY Pictures and so many more.

In addition, nearly every ransomware attack has a social engineering element.

To become an effective and well-rounded cyberwarrior, you must master social engineering!

The Art of Social Engineering


1. What is Social Engineering?

2. Information Gathering

3. Elicitation

4. Pre-texting

5. Psychological Games and Manipulation

6. Persuasion

7. Tools of Social Engineering

8. Case Studies

This training will include theory and real-life cases,

including multiple tools to execute social engineering attacks.

To attend this live course with Master OTW, you must be a Subscriber PRO.

Don't miss this one-of-a-kind training!


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