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The Cyberwar vs Putin: What We Are Doing and What You Can Do to Help

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

This brutal war initiated by Putin and his cronies drags on and on. With each day, Putin and his people brutally attack the Ukrainian people and commit war crimes. Note that I do not say the Russian people. In general, the Russian people are good, honest and hard working people. Unfortunately, their government was hijacked 22 years ago by a criminal named, Vladimir Putin.

We are committed to doing what we can to help the Ukrainian people resist this brutal dictator who is trying to reassemble the Russian empire at the expense of both the Ukrainian and Russian people.

He and his people are kleptocrats. This means that they have stolen the wealth of the Russian people and have wisked it away to secret bank accounts in Switzerland, Panama, Cayman Islands and other havens for stolen monies. To read more about what hackers found in Panama bank accounts, click her.

Russia has been hacking Ukraine continuously over the last decade. If you are not aware of the damage Russian hackers have done, please read this article on the Brief History of Russian Cyberattacks against Ukraine

The hackers of the world have declared cyberwar against Putin! We have done everything in our power to make his invasion of Ukraine as difficult as possible. We have had some success but we need to keep up the pressure. This war is going to be long, slow slog. If you are interested in helping in this effort, I have compiled numerous sources for what you can do below.

  1. DDoS the Russian Internet

  2. Attack their industrial infrastructure

  3. Locate the oligarch's yachts and assets

  4. Hack the IP cameras in Ukraine to watch the Russians

  5. Finding Vulnerable Russian Sites with Shodan

  6. Jamming Russian Radio Communications

In addition, here are three YouTube videos with David Bombal where Master OTW describes these activities.

David Bombal Interview #1: The Cyberwar to Save Ukraine

David Bombal Interview #2: Hacking IP Cameras

David Bombal Interview #3: Hacking the Industrial Infrastructure

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