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The Hackers-Arise Cybersecurity/Hacker Starter Bundle*

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

So many of you have asked for an inexpensive cybersecurity starter package and we have responded! The following package provides everything you need to get started in cybersecurity/infosec for just $149!

This package includes;

  1. Linux Basics for Hackers v2 companion videos ($99 value)

  2. Certified WhiteHat Hacker Associate(CWA) Prep v2 course ($99 value)

  3. Getting Started Becoming a Master Hacker PDF ($24.99 value)

  4. Getting Started Becoming a Master Hacker companion videos ($69 value)

  5. Network Basics for Hackers videos ($99 value)

  6. Security+ Prep training videos ($99 value)

  7. Python Basics for Hackers v2 videos ($99 value)

  8. Wi-Fi Hacking v3 training videos ($69 value)

Over $600 in training videos and books for just $149!

With this package, you can master Linux and Python, learn the basics of networking, pass the CWA and Security+ certification exams, learn to hack Wi-Fi and take the first steps to becoming a master hacker!

The cybersecurity/Infosec field is growing faster than the supply of of skilled people. This package will provide you the basic skills to enter cybersecurity/infosec as a profession.

Isn't it time you made the leap to cybersecurity and advanced your career?

To order this Cybersecurity/Hacker Starter Bundle, click here.

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