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The Hackers-Arise Cyberwarrior Philosophy

If you are reading this, you are likely interested in the field of cybersecurity. You may also be considering studying cybersecurity so you can make it your dream profession. If so, you have come to the right place!

The Hackers-Arise Philosophy

At Hackers-Arise, we don't think about Red Teams or Blue Teams or White Hat vs Black Hat. Instead, we emphasize developing a well-rounded cyberwarrior who is capable within any of those spheres of cybersecurity. Our cyberwarriors are trained in state-of-the art techniques in both offensive and defensive cybersecurity. In that way, they can not only fit into any of those roles, but also by understanding the opposing role (offensive v defensive) the better you are at your job.

Cutting Edge Subject Matter

Hackers-Arise attempts to expose you to the cutting edge of information security. While you can study web app hacking, Metasploit, Security+, and scripting nearly anywhere, here we offer courses such as;

  1. SCADA/ICS Hacking and Security

  2. Automobile Hacking

  3. Software Defined Radio for Hackers

  4. Open Source Intelligence

  5. Cyber Law

  6. The Art of Social Engineering

Three-Year Program

Here, instead of offering training on a piecemeal basis, we want you to become a well-rounded cyberwarrior. That doesn't happen in one class. It requires a comprehensive program like we offer here with 23 courses over 3 years. In addition, we try to keep the cost approximately that of a single course at other training facilities.

White Hat v. Black Hat

We generally do not use this terminology black hat v white hat. It's outdated. It is legacy of the days where all black hats were cybercriminals and all white hats were penetration testers. Not so any more.

In our modern world, the distinctions have become blurred. For instance, Russia, US, and China are hacking each other 24/7 for geopolitical advantage. From the perspective of the US, the Russian hacker might be considered a black hat, while in Russia they would be celebrated as heroes. Of course,the same applies in reverse. U.S. hackers intruding upon China are well-paid and well-respected members of the military or espionage community with nice homes in the suburbs and 2.5 children, but are considered criminal or black hats in China. I hope you get the idea. Context and perspective are critical in making the distinction, one I prefer not to make. I maintain the terms are anachronistic in 2021

Open Source

Whenever possible, we prefer open sources tools, frameworks and platforms.


We only work with Linux. Windows and macOS are NOT professional hacking platforms. Granted, you can perform some hacks on them but an even greater number are outside your realm if you are using those operating systems. Why go to battle without all the firepower available to you?

The Linux platform is open-source, flexible, and customizable. For all those reasons, it is the platform of choice for professional hackers. Our preference is Debian, but any of the Linux distributions will suffice.


Hackers-Arise offers a unique training program to develop well-rounded cyberwarriors skilled in BOTH the offensive and defensive arts. Our 3-year program guarantees that the student completing it is ready to start a career in cybersecurity or advance it to the highest levels!

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