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We Have Successfully Accessed Many IP Cameras in Ukrainian Territory to Spy on Russian Activities

Welcome back, my cyberwarriors!

At the request of the IT Army of Ukraine, we were asked to help the war efforts by hacking a large number of IP cameras within Ukrainian territory. In this way, we can watch and surveil the Russian army in those areas. Should they commit further atrocities (we certainly pray they will not), we should be able to capture that on video and use it in the International Criminal Court. At the very least, we hope the word goes out to the Russian soldiers that we are watching and that constrains their brutality.

In a collaborative effort, our team (you all) has been able to hack into a very large number. We have nearly 500, and we are working on the remainder.

Here is a sampling of some of the cameras we now own for surveillance in Russia and Ukraine.

To learn more about hacking IP cameras, become a Subscriber Pro and attend our IP Camera Hacking training.


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