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Scripting for Hackers

Although there are many tools available to the aspiring hacker/pentester, but to ascend to the upper echelons of the master hacker one must be able to develop their own tools. This requires scripting skills.

In this section, we will look to develop your scripting skills in a number of different scripting languages including Perl, BASH, Python, PowerShell and Remote CMD.

To start developing and refining your scripting skills, take a look at these tutorials.

1. BASH scripting

2. BASH Scripting, Part 2: Building a Wi-Fi DoS Tool

3. Windows Remote CMD commands

4. Perl Scripting, Part 1

5. Perl Scripting, Part 2: Building a Port Scanner

6. Python Scripting, Part 1: Getting Started

7. Python Scripting, Part 2: Building a Banner Grabbing Tool

8. Python Scripting, Part 3: Building an FTP Password Cracking Tool

9. Python Scripting, Part 4: Finding the Location of Any IP Address

10. Python Scripting, Part 5: Creating a Wi-Fi Scanner with scapy



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