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Snort IDS for Hackers

Snort is the world's most popular Intrusion Detection System/ Intrusion Prevention System (IDS/IPS). Originally developed by Marty Roesch as an open source project, Snort and its parent, Sourcefire, were acquired by the networking behemoth, Cisco, in 2014.


Every hacker and network engineer should be familiar with Snort. As a hacker, you will need to evade it; as a network engineer, you will need to manage and depend upon it.


To learn the basics of Snort, check out my articles below.


1.Snort IDS for Hackers, Part 1: How to Install Snort


2. Snort IDS for Hackers, Part 2: How to Configure Snort


3. Snort IDS for Hackers, Part 3: Configuring Snort to Send Alerts to a Database (MySQL)


4. Snort IDS for Hackers, Part 4:  How to Read & Write Snort Rules 

5. Snort IDS for Hackers, Part 5: Testing Your Snort IDS with Known Exploits


6. Regular Expressions (Regex or pcre)
















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