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Hacking Wireless (Wi-Fi or 802.11)

There are many, many ways to hack wireless (Wi-Fi or 802.11) Internet AP's. This section will be dedicated to the many ways. Initially, you need to know what type of security the wireless access point uses (WEP, WPS, WPA2-PSK, WPA2-Enterprise) and an aircrack-ng compatible wireless adapter. If you have questions whether your adapter is aircrack-ng compatible, it probably isn't. Most wireless adapters built into your laptop or mobile device are not compatible.


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1. Wireless Hacking Strategies

2. Getting Started with aircrack-ng

3. Hacking WEP

4. Hacking WPA2-PSK

5. Continuous DoSing of a Wireless AP

6. Hacking WPS with Reaver

7. Hacking WPA2-PSK without Password Cracking

8. Evading Wi-Fi Authentication

9. Evil Twin Attack to Spy


10. Rogue Access Point Attack (coming soon)

11. Wireless Kraack Attack (coming soon)

12. Wi-Fi WPA2-PSK PMKID Attack 

13. Hacking WPA2-Enterprise (coming soon)

14. Anatomy of Wi-Fi Frames

15. Creating a Wi-Fi Scanner in Python and Scapy

16. Automating Wi-Fi Hacking with wifite

17. Hacking Wi-Fi with Bettercap


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