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CWA Prep (Intro to Hacking) Course

This is the perfect course to start your cybersecurity career!

This course, the CWA Prep Course, is designed to prepare the student for the CWA exam. It is a three-day intensive course covering all of the domains contained in the CWA exam. After taking this course, the student is more likely to pass the rigorous CWA exam.

Become a Hackers-Arise Subscriber, attend and launch your career in the exciting world of cybersecurity.

This is live with OTW and is limited to just 10 students, so register now before it fills up.

To Register, go to our online registration form here.


Make certain you select CWA Prep.

This course will be taught by the internationally acclaimed hacker/security researcher, OTW. He was recently cited in an article on hacking SCADA/ICS by Voice of America News as the "anonymous hacker" who demonstrated how to hack the Schneider Electric Building Automation system that led to Schneider patching that system and make the world a safer place. You can read the article here.

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