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Who is Master OTW?


Master OTW is one of the world's most famous hackers.

He is the author of "Linux Basics for Hackers" and

"Getting Started Becoming a Master Hacker".

He has trained hackers for all of the U.S. military branches, as well as the NSA, CIA

and the U.S. Cyber Command.

When the UK's Sputnik News wanted a hacker's opinion of Mark Zuckerberg's, founder

of Facebook, testimony to the US Congress regarding Cambridge Analytica's data theft,

they called OTW.


His primary message was "If the service is free, you are the product". You can read and listen to the interview in its entirety at the link below.

OTW's Interview about the Facebook breach

Earlier, when the Britain's Sputnik News wanted a hacker's opinion on the recent spate of hacks in the UK, they came to OTW.  When they wanted a hacker's opinion on the arrest of WannaCry Hero, Marcus Hutchins, they came to Master OTW.

You can listen to both interviews with OTW  below.

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Wanna Cry Hero - Master OTW
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Sputnik News - Master OTW
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In addition, Master OTW made headlines around the world when he exposed a major SCADA vulnerability in Schneider Electric systems. In a Voice of America article, they wrote;

Because of the potential for catastrophic damage, some hackers have long targeted ICS networks in hopes of grabbing headlines. Just last month, an anonymous hacker detailed a successful hack of a Schneider Electric system that controls building heating and cooling systems.


You can read about Master OTW's hack of the SCADA system here at

Master OTW also exposed a major Global Scammer in the academic arena. You can read about it here.

For more about Master OTW, you can read an interview with him here at