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Getting Started

Hacking is the most valuable skill set of the 21st century and its importance will only grow over the coming years. Without a doubt, Hackers are changing the world and geopolitics! The skilled and well-versed hacker may be the greatest asset a nation can have when it comes to geopolitics and cyber warfare. The importance of these skill sets is reflected in rapidly rising salaries in this industry.

At hackers-arise we provide you with the tools to establish a good foundation to become a cybersecurity professional.

To become a professional hacker, you MUST know Linux.

Although a few hacker tools are available for Windows,

well over 95% are Linux-based.

Hacking is rapidly becoming one of the most sought after and most valuable skill sets by IT security firms, pentesters, militaries, spy and espionage organizations, and military contractors, let's take a moment to look at what makes a good hacker.

Networks are one of the most fundamental skill sets necessary to becoming a master hacker. If you are just beginning in this exciting field, you may want to review this material before beginning or come back here when you have questions.

Here you will find videos from Master OTW where he explain in depth a lot of what happens behind the mind of a hacker.

I have put together this list of essential tools a hacker needs.

To be a White Hat Hacker, there are some IT fundamentals that you must know. For instance, you need to understand the basics of Linux, networking, and TCP/IP. It's important to understand Linux--as it is the hacker platform-- for good reason.

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