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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What type of cybersecurity training is available at Hackers-Arise?


Hackers-Arise offers training in both offensive and defensive security. It is our belief that a true cyberwarrior should be conversant in both strategies to be effective.

Hackers-Arise offers 4 training levels, MEMBER (beginner), Member Gold, Subscriber (beginner to Intermediate), and Subscriber PRO (advanced and specialty courses). You can read more about each by clicking on the level you are interested in. You can see a summary of the various training packages here.

Subscriber and Subscriber Pro are a type of hybrid training model, different than other online training schools. You can both go to live trainings with Master OTW (at least one course per month) and get videos of previous classes you may have missed. Videos are delivered directly to you via a DropBox link.


In addition, Hackers-Arise offers a Cybersecurity Starter Bundle of essential skills to start in cybersecurity.

2. What time and how long do the live online courses run?

The live online courses start at 3pm UTC in the summer and 4pm UTC in the winter and usually run 3-5 hours with breaks for coffee, bathroom, and sometimes meals. You can come into class at any time and leave any time. If you can only attend for part of the class, that's fine; you can review the other segments in the recordings of the class.

3. What is the guiding philosophy at Hackers-Arise?

To read about how we think about cybersecurity training, click here.

4. Can I get training videos and watch them anytime?

Hackers-Arise believes that you should own the videos you purchase. This means that you can download them to your system and watch them anytime without even an Internet connection. There are no DMCA protections on the videos. This is just one of the features that make Hackers-Arise unique and our students love it!

5. Why does Master OTW insist upon remaining anonymous?

Master OTW often engages in investigations and assistance where the adversaries are dangerous criminals or nation-states such as Russia. He can only do this if he is anonymous. Otherwise, he and his family would be at risk. This enables him to take on cases that few others are willing to do. For more information on master OTW, click here.

6. Why does Master OTW emphasize SCADA/ICS Hacking and Security?

SCADA Hacking and Security are a specialty at Hackers-Arise. Something few other training organizations offer. Master OTW believes that it is the most important infosec/cybersecurity field this decade and believes that all cyberwarriors should be conversant in its techniques and technologies. To learn more, click here.

If you have additional questions, please email them to

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