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Hackers-Arise is proud to announce a brand new program to

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Hackers-Arise Subscribers!

Now, you can take 18 LIVE online course

with Master OTW (all courses are recorded

for your viewing at your leisure) for three (3)

years for just $500!


Now, you can become a  Hackers-Arise Subscriber and

receive a free autographed copy of "Linux Basics for Hackers" or "Getting Started Becoming a Master Hacker".


You can take ALL of these LIVE online courses for a single Subscriber fee of just $500! For a schedule of our courses, click here.

You will receive thousands of dollars of training for just $500. By the end of the three years, you will be a Cyber Warrior with expert skills and multiple certifications in nearly all the areas of cybersecurity. You will then be ready to enter the burgeoning field of cybersecurity and it's rapidly expanding salaries.

In addition, one of the key advantages of this program is that you can sit into any course, at any time! We know you are a busy professional, so with this program there is no downside if life interferes with class one day. Simply, get the recording of the class and watch it at your leisure or come back to that class when it offered again.

If you already have a CISSP, Sec+, CSIM or other security certification, you can use these Hackers-Arise courses to fulfill your CEU's.

Even better, if your organization becomes a Subscriber, everyone in your organization can take these LIVE online courses for just $1500! There are no limits of how many people can attend these courses from your organization. Now that is an incredible deal!

When you subscribe to Hackers-Arise, you will receive a Subscriber Certificate with a Subscriber number. When you want to take a course, simply enter your subscriber number and the course is free!