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This new program at Hackers-Arise that we began at the request of some of our Subscribers. As you know, the Subscriber program has been an unprecedented success with so many signing up for it. In the Subscriber program, you get 30 courses over 3 years for just $ 900.

The Subscriber PRO program builds on the Subscriber program but adds all of our advanced and specialty (e.g. Network and Memory Forensics) courses as well.

All courses are recorded

for your viewing at your leisure. We have our own online training center, where you can watch the videos at your own pace and receive a certificate once you have completed the course to include in your resume or hang on your wall.


You will also have access to our private Discord server where you can share and learn with the rest of our community of amazing and professional people. New!


These courses include;

1. Automobile (Car) Hacking 

2. Reverse Engineering Malware

3. Exploit Development 

The Science and Art of Social Engineering

5. Cyber Law

6. Network Forensics 

7. Advanced SCADA Hacking and Security

8. Advanced Web App Hacking 

9. Database Hacking 

10. Advanced Linux for Hackers

11. Memory Forensics 


12. Advanced Hacking and Penetration Testing


13. Splunk for Security Monitoring 


14. Open Source Intelligence 

15. Software Defined Radio for Hackers New!

16. Android Hacking New!

17. Advanced Python for Hackers New!

18. IP Camera Hacking New!

19. Advanced SDR for Hackers New!


20. How to Build a Femtocell to Intercept Mobile Traffic New!

21. Criminal Law for Forensic Investigators,

Incident Responders and Cyberwrariors New!

22. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Forensics New!

You can now take all of the 30 Subscriber courses as well as these

Subscriber PRO courses over 3 years for just $1999.

If you are already a Subscriber, you can upgrade for just $1399 and

restart your 3-year clock! 

To sign up, go to our online store.

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