Online Courses

Hackers Arise! is NOW offering live online (all courses are recorded for your viewing) courses!

These courses will include but are not limited to;

   (1) Metasploit Kung Fu

   (2) Hacking with Kali Linux

   (3) CWA Exam  Prep Course

   (4) Web App Hacking

   (5) Linux for Hackers

   (6) SCADA Hacking and Security 

   (7) Digital Forensics CDFA Prep Course

   (8) Exploit Development

   (9) Reverse Engineering  Malware 

   (10) Cyber Warrior Training

   (11) Snort Training Institute courses

   (12) Automobile Hacking

   (13) Advanced Metasploit

   (14) Mobile Hacking

   (15) Mobile Forensics

   (16) Advanced Digital Forensics

   (17) Security+

In addition, you can find these and other courses listed in our Subscriber Package and our Subscriber PRO package.

Master OTW teaches each of the courses. You learn more about OTW as he has received international attention in several recent news stories. You can read and listen to news broadcasts about him here.


Email OTW at for more information.


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