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Hackers-Arise Announces a Partner Program for Cybersecurity Training Centers Around the World!

Now, your training program can partner with one of the best cybersecurity training programs in the world!

Hackers-Arise now offers an partner program where your training center can;

  1. Use Hackers-Arise Affiliate name and logo

  2. Purchase books for your training program from Hackers-Arise at deep discounts

  3. Purchase videos and other training materials at deep discounts.

  4. Contract with Hackers-Arise trainers at deep discounts

  5. Have a semi-annual guest lecture from one of the world's most famous hackers, Master Occupytheweb!

Your training center will benefit by:

  1. Being associated with one of the best cybersecurity programs in the world

  2. Receive state-of-the-art training videos and books

  3. Use our partner logo that tells the world you are offering top quality cybersecurity training.

Partners will pay a small annual fee to receive all these benefits and be able to use the Hackers-Arise name and logo.

If you are interested in our program, please contact

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