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Software Defined Radio
for Hackers


This new, innovative course from Hackers-Arise exemplifies the cutting edge courses available only at Hackers-Arise. Radio signals swirl around us everywhere whether we are at home, at work, in our car, and nearly everywhere

These radio signals control such devices as;

1. cellphones

2. walkie-talkies

3. Bluetooth devices,

4. garage door openers,

5. flight information signals,

6. car door opener,

7. mobile payment systems (NFC),

8.  RF signals,

9. GPS,

10. Satellites

11. Drones

12.Police Radio

and so much more.

In recent years, developments in Software Defined Radio have made it possible to transform your laptop to send and receive any of these signals. This opens the opportunity for significant cyber security and national defense issues.

In this course, we will build a software-defined radio on our standard Windows computer system and then use it to send and manipulate radio signals.

To get the most from this course, students should purchase the inexpensive SDR-RTL kit (about $35 on Amazon). The free, open-source software we will download and install in class. This should be fun and mind-bending class as we set up a transceiver for a wide range of radio signals.

This is a Subscriber PRO course.

SDR for Hackers Tutorials

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SDR for Hackers, Part 4: Intercepting ISS Signals

SDR for Hackers, Part 6: Building a Cellphone IMSI Catcher

SDR for Hackers: Setting up Your HackRF One

SDR for Hackers: Radio Frequency Attack Methods

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