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Welcome to Hackers Arise!

Welcome to our new home to start your journey to become Cyber Warriors!

If you are new to hacking, the best place to is at the
"Getting Started" page here. There, you will guided through the journey from newbie to master hacker!

If you want a guided and more personal learning experience, consider becoming a
Hackers-Arise Subscriber.

There you will receive live online training for 3 years for just $750!

Hackers-Arise is a different kind of training site. Unlike the others, we offer LIVE courses where you can ask questions with Master OTW, not just videos.

One of the things that will change is that articles here will be more closely curated. Although we welcome newbies and their questions, articles should be by those who have the knowledge, skill, and writing skills to contribute positively to our community. As a result, all articles should be submitted to me at

If you have ideas or suggestions, please email me or comment below. Every page has a comment section at the bottom of the page.


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