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Google Hacking: The Ultimate List of Google Dorks to find Unsecured Web Cams

Updated: Feb 15

Welcome back, my aspiring hackers!

As you know, we at Hackers-Arise have been deeply involved in the cyberwar to save Ukraine from the brutal Russian aggression. As part of the that effort, we were asked to hack IP cameras throughout Ukraine to spy on Russia activities by the Ukraine military. To read more about this, click here.

Although most security cameras like those in Ukraine are secured by username and password, many have no security at all! If you can find them, you can access them!

One of the many methods of finding these unsecured web cams is to use Google hacking. As you know, Google gathers information on everything on the web. This huge database can then be accessed by anyone, if you know a few keywords and simple syntax. For more on Google hacking check out my article here.

To find the thousands of unsecured IP cameras around the world, I have compiled the ultimate list of Google hacks to find these cameras. Enjoy!

web cam google dorks 2
Download XLSX • 10KB

It's important to note that these are only unsecured web cams. These techniques will NOT get you into secured web cams. To do that, attend my upcoming IP Camera Hacking training and hack cameras all over the world!

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