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Advanced SCADA Hacking and Security

This course is designed for the SCADA/ICS Security Practioner who wants a deeper understanding of SCADA/ICS Systems and Vulnerabilities. Although there are no pre-requisites, it is advised that the student have taken SCADA/ICS Hacking and Security previously

Course Outline

MODULE 1: Recent Security Issues in SCADA Security



     a. DNP3

     b. OPC

     c. Profinet/Profibus

     d. Fieldbus

     e. Other

MODULE 3: Reconnaissance of These Protocols(DNP3, Profibus, OPC and Fieldbus)

MODULE 4: Vulnerability Assessment Methodologies

MODULE 5: Assessing and Managing Risk

MODULE 6: Exploitation of DNP3, Profibus, OPC, and Fieldbus  Systems

MODULE 7: Zero-Day Exploit Development in SCADA/ICS

MODULE 8:HoneyPot Development and Implementation in SCADA/ICS

MODULE 9: Splunk for SCADA/ICS Security and Intrusion Detection

MODULE 10: Standards and Best Practices

MODULE 11: Implementing Security Controls

MODULE 12: Developing and Implementing Snort IDS Rules for SCADA

If you have not attended the SCADA Hacking and Security training, you can request the videos of that course to prepare for this advanced course.

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