Advanced SCADA Hacking and Security

This course is designed for the SCADA/ICS Security Practioner who wants a deeper understanding of SCADA/ICS Systems and Vulnerabilities. Although there are no pre-requisites, it is advised that the student have taken SCADA/ICS Hacking and Security previously

Course Outline

MODULE 1: Recent Security Issues in SCADA Security


     a. DNP3

     b. OPC

     c. Profinet/Profibus

     d. Fieldbus

     e. Other

MODULE 3: Reconnaissance of These Protocols( DNP3, Profibus, OPC and Fieldbus)

MODULE 4: Vulnerability Assessment Methodologies

MODULE 5: Assessing and Managing Risk

MODULE 6: Zero-Day Exploit Development in SCADA/ICS

MODULE 7:HoneyPot Development and Implementation in SCADA/ICS

MODULE 8: Standards and Best Practices

MODULE 9: Implementing Security Controls

MODULE10: Developing and Implementing Snort IDS Rules for SCADA

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