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Introduction to Snort


The outline/syllabus for the course is as follows;

This three (3) day course is designed to introduce the IT security professional to the world's most effective and widely used Intrusion Detection System (IDS), Snort. When the students complete the course they will have;


    (1) a fundamental understanding of the inner architecture of Snort;


    (2) an ability to write their own custom Snort rules;


    (3) configure Snort to output its alerts to a database for further analysis


    (4) tune Snort for optimal performance


    (5) how to install and configure Snort as an effective IDS/IPS


    (6) choose an appropriate GUI interface for analysis


This course will be taught with hands-on labs using Snort in a Debian Linux environment.



Target Audience:


This course is designed for network administrators, security administrators, security consultants, and

other security professionals. Even those using other manufacturer's IDS's will gain from this course as it

will convey the basic inner workings of any IDS.




Although there are no prerequisites for this course, we have found that those with a solid understanding of TCP/IP protocol structure and Linux/Unix gain the most from the course. For those without this background, we spend part of the first day introducing these concepts and techniques to give the student adequate knowledge to complete the course.


                                                      Course Outline


Day 1

                Introduction to Snort

                                Network Traffic Analysis 

                                TCP/IP Fundamentals

                                Linux/Unix  Fundamentals

                                Attack Vector Analysis


                Installing, configuring SNORT

                                Configuration file


                                Sensor placement


                                Packet capture and analysis



Day 2

                Rule writing

                                Dynamic rules

                                Testing rules

                                Optimizing rules

                                Statistical analysis

Day 3

                Management tools



                                Performance Tuning and thresholding  

                                Log and Alert analysis

                                Data Analysis Tools

                                Installing and Using Barnyard

To register for this course, go to our course registration page here.

The Introduction to Snort course is designed for the cyber security professional who is new to the world's most widely used NIDS/NIPS. Even if you aren't using Snort presently, this course is valuable in understanding how an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) works.

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