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Scripting for Hackers

Nearly every pentester/hacker/infosec professional should have some fundamental scripting skills. This course is designed to provide the aspiring cyberwarrior, the basic scripting skills they will need in both BASH and Python.

This course is part of the Subscriber package at Hackers-Arise.

Course Outline

1. BASH Scripting

  a. Writing Simple scripts

   b. Flow Control: if

   c. Flow Control: while/until

   d. Positional Parameters

   e. Arrays

   f. String and Numbers

   g. Flow Control: Looping for

2. Basic Python Scripting

  a. Python Basics

   b. Flow Control

   c. Functions

   d. Lists

   e. Dictionaries and Structured Data

   f. Manipulation Strings

3. Python for Infosec

  a. Network Communication

   b. Scapy

   c. Scanner Scripting

   d. Network Traffic Analysis

   e. Banner Grabbing

4. Malicious Python for Hackers and Pentesters

  a. SSH botnet

   b. Replicating Conficker

   c. Wireless Scripts

   d. Web Recon

   e. Writing an Exploit

To attend this course, you must be a Hackers-Arise Subscriber.

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