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Wi-Fi Hacking

Hackers-Arise is proud announce a new course as a part of the Subscriber package, Wi-Fi Hacking!

Although a segment of the CWA Prep course addresses Wi-Fi hacking, many students have been asking for a course that focuses on just this subject. As a result, we are now offering this new course in the Subscriber package. If you are already are a Subscriber, there is nothing you need to do, this 2-day course is now part of your free classes package.

For the next scheduled Wi-Fi Hacking course, checking the training schedule here.


Course Outline

1. Introduction to the 802.11 Protocol and Security Protocols

2. Build a Wi-Fi Scanner in Python

3. WEP Hacking

4. WPA Hacking

5. WPA2-PSK Hacking

6. WPS Attack

7. Krack Attack

8. PMKID Attack

9. ICMPTX Evading Authentication

10. Social Engineering Attacks

11. Evil Twin Attacks

12. WPA2-Enterprise Attacks

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