SCADA/ICS Hacking and Security v4

Among the most important security topics of our era is SCADA/ICS security. This includes the security of the electrical grid, power plants, chemical plants, petrochemical plants, oil refineries, nuclear power plants, water and sewage systems and just about any other type of industrial control system.


To read more why you should study SCADA/ICS Security, check out this article here.

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Hackers-Arise is now offering an online course for information security personnel to prepare them to secure these facilities. This course covers the following subject areas;

  1. Introduction to SCADA

  2. Why the SCADA security concern?

  3. What makes SCADA/ICS security different?

  4. SCADA protocols and systems

  5. SCADA systems and components

  6. Finding SCADA systems and SCADA reconnaissance

  7. PLC programming: modbus, DNP3 and ladder logic simulations

  8. SCADA/ICS Risk Assessment

  9. Hacking/Pentesting  SCADA/ICS Systems (protocols and HMI)

  10. SCADA/ICS Vulnerability Research

  11. Building a SCADA/ICS Honeypot

  12. Securing, Monitoring and Protecting SCADA systems

  13. Detecting and Analyzing SCADA Attacks

  14. Adapting an IDS to Protect SCADA/ICS Systems

  15. Establishing Zones and Access Control Systems

  16. SCADA/ICS Security Best Practices

  17. Standards and Regulations

  18. SCADA/ICS Case Studies

This course will be taught by the internationally recognized hacker/pentester, Master OTW. Master OTW has appeared on international news and you can listen here.

He was recently cited in an article on hacking SCADA/ICS by Voice of America News as the "anonymous hacker" who demonstrated how to hack the Schneider Electric Building Automation system that led to Schneider patching that system and making the world a safer place.


You can read the article in VOA here and read about the hack here.

In addition, the U.S. NSA has contracted with OTW to train their cyber engineers in SCADA/ICS hacking and you can get the same level of training here.

No need to travel to a training center as this course will all be online with state-of-the art technology.

Upon completion of the course, students can sit for the prestigious C-SCADA-E certification exam.

The course will be offered Oct 11-14, 2021. 


If you sign up as a Hackers-Arise Subscriber for $600 for three years of cybersecurity training, this course is included.

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