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Network Basics for Hackers

Networks are one of the most fundamental skill sets necessary to becoming a master hacker. If you are just beginning in this exciting field, you may want to review this material before beginning or come back here when you have questions.

1. TCP/IP Network Basics, Part 1 

2. TCP/IP Network Basics, Part 2

3. Subnetting, Network Masks and CIDR

4. SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol)

5. Server Message Block (SMB) and Samba

6. Domain Name Service (DNS)

7. Simple Mail Transport Protocol

7. Address Resolution Protocol

8. Analyzing Network Traffic with Wireshark

9. Analyzing Network Traffic with tcpdump

10. Analyzing Network Traffic with sysinternals

11. HTTP and Web Technologies

12. Wireless Networks

13. Bluetooth Networks

14. SCADA Networks (modbus)

15. Automobile Networks (CAN)



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