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Linux Firewall Training


pfsense is the most widely-used, open-source Linux firewall/router. This free and open-source software can be used as firewall, router, VPN and Unified Threat Management (UTM) device. In this course, you will learn to setup and configure pfsense and any system and then learn to use its easy to use web-based GUI to configure and manage this device. Even if your organization is not using pfsense, you can benefit from this course by learning to configure firewalls, routers, VPN's and high availability.

This is a must course for anyone in the field of cybersecurity/infosec!


Course Outline

1. Introduction to pfsense

2. Installing pfsense

3. Configuring pfsense

4. Backup and recovery

5. Firewall 

6. NAT

7. Routing

8. VPN

9. Traffic Shaping

10. High Availability and Redundancy


This course is apart of the Subscriber package. To enroll in this course, sign up as a Subscriber and then go to Course Registration.

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