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Finding the Location of the Russian Oligarch's Mega Yachts. U.S. Now Offering Up to $5M Reward!

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Welcome back, my cyberwarriors!

We all stand in solidarity against the naked aggression of the Putin regime against Ukraine. The Ukrainian government has requested our help. There is something that each of us can do to save Ukraine now and Western Europe ultimately from this despicable dictator and his blood lust.

Russia is a kleptocracy. Putin gets his power from the support of his cronies, the oligarchs. These are the people who suck all of the wealth from the Russian people. Without these oligarch's support, Putin could not do what he is doing to the Ukrainian people. These oligarch's are legitimate targets of war and the western nations have imposed sanction upon some of them.

These men have amassed incredible wealth by supporting Putin and stealing from the Russian people. Some of them have billions dollars hidden away and invested in the US and western Europe. They should feel some pain for their support of Putin.

Many of these men have yachts worth hundreds of millions of dollars. These yachts are legitimate targets. At the very least, they should not be allowed to dock these vessels or be re-supplied. Their communication might be jammed. They should be seized by the NATO nations.

Now, you can earn up to $5 million bounty from the US government's Kleptocracy Asset Recovery program for locating these yachts. Not bad for a days work! Learn how here.

Let's see if we can find them!

Finding the Oligarch Yachts

Let's use to see whether we locate their yachts. Marine-traffic is one of best OSINT sites to locate ships.

Roman Abramovich enriched himself in the years following the collapse of the Soviet Union, obtaining Russian state-owned assets at prices far below market value in Russia's controversial loans-for-shares privatization program. Abramovich was a confidante of former Russian president Boris Yeltsin and current Russian leader Vladimir Putin. He is also the owner of Chelsea FC football club. He has a net worth of approximately $13B.

Among his riches are several yachts. Among these is the Luna.

This is the Luna docked in San Diego in 2012. It is 12 years old, flies under the flag of the Marshall Islands, its 114 x 20m and is worth $175 million. Today, February 26, 2022, it is docked in Hamburg, Germany.

Our German friends, this is in your backyard. This should not be tolerated! Do what you can to make him feel uncomfortable and unwelcome for his support of Putin's war.

This and the other yachts of these oligarchs supporting Putin should not be allowed to dock and be supplied while Putin is slaughtering Ukrainians.

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