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Hackers-Arise Announces a New Training Program: Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR)!

Updated: Nov 11

Many of our aspiring cyberwarriors have been asking for a separate digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) training program and we have responded!

This new program will use many of the existing courses on our Subscriber and Subscriber Pro platform and add additional, new courses specifically for digital forensics and incident response. We recognize that not everyone in cybersecurity wants to become a hacker/penetration tester and many of you will choose a career in protecting an institution's resources. This career has excellent job security (hacks will not stop any time soon) and excellent pay and benefits.

Between now and the beginning 2024, you can now join this 3 year program at an introductory price $1500 ($2000 on Jan. 1)!

This program will contain the following courses;

  1. Digital Forensics

  2. Advanced Digital Forensics

  3. OSINT

  4. Bitcoin Forensics

  5. Cyber Law

  6. Criminal Law

  7. Incident Response

  8. Threat Intelligence

  9. Cloud Security and Incident Response

  10. Anti-Forensics

  11. Network Forensics

  12. Memory Forensics

  13. SCADA/ICS Forensics

  14. Snort

  15. Splunk

For more information, or email


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